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GO SERVICEs ... a team you can depend on

GO Services Business Analysis GO Services Application Support GO Business Services is our international business and technology-consulting organisation that supports the deployment and commissioning of the GO Enterprise Suite and related software products.
GO Business Services is dedicated to providing valuable ERP and technology consulting expertise - from analysis, to strategic planning to design, development, training and implementation of the Enterprise Suite and other IT solutions surrounding the system.
In Western Australia, GO Business Services has provided services of this nature since 1983 (formerly known as Atlas Software P/L) in the market place with clients from both the public and private sectors. Our team of experienced, dedicated technical and service professionals has facilitated the implementation of multiple enterprise level technology solutions for both government & corporate sector clients.
GO Business Services has extensive experience in Microsoft Windows and HyperV, VMWare, SQL Server and MS Access enabling GO Business Services to deliver the right people in a timely manner with the skills sets required.
GO Services Transition Strategy Go Services Migration Development
GO Services Project Management GO Services Training


A Client Focused Approach ...
We leverage our breadth of expertise in application development, systems integration and enterprise networking to satisfy our clients, delivering practical, integrated software system support and service.  Including interfacing and co-existing with existing legacy systems and providing additional functionality should this be required.
Our focus is on developing solutions that will assist our clients to obtain rapid return-on-investment and achieve seamless transition and deployment to their new system.  Our ability to work with clients, sharing responsibility for the decisions that are made, provides a foundation from which GO Business Services delivers industry best practise and focused expertise.
GO Business Services' success in this area is due to our structured approach, and the understanding that both our software products and services must deliver an Enterprise Solution which provides our clients with a consistent, integrated and value added outcome at all levels.


Business Analysis and Consultation
GO Business Services has expertise in providing the Business Analysis and Consultation required to examine and understand the nature and form of existing business processes and data structures. By accurately determining our clients' current operations, we can then assist in designing specific solutions to enhance and improve their system-based results.
GO Business Services has a number of skilled consultants with in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience in business operations and processes, systems requirements and data analysis, supply chain management, work flows, accounting and financial compliance, reporting, strategic planning, feasibility studies and estimating. They can also produce excellent documentation suitable for use by end users and developers, should customisations be required.
Services Our Business Analysts have substantial experience in the following areas:
  • Gathering and documenting business requirements for new features.
  • Analysing business and non-functional requirements within complex organisational environments.
  • Business Process Modelling.
  • Facilitation, presentation and training skills through workshops etc.
  • Report writing and documentation.
  • Determining requirements to enhance or further develop existing systems.
  • Determining the impact of a change on existing business processes.
  • Providing general consulting to business with regards to their systems.
  • Developing testing strategies and plans for final system testing.
  • PRINCE2  Methodology Certified -international project management protocol
  • UML (Unified Modelling Language) plus other notations & recognised programming techniques.
  • Object Orientation Design and Analysis standards.
  • Leadership to facilitate a standard approach to business analysis across IT Service Delivery projects.
  • Analysts, with skills and experience in analysis and design of systems;
Application and Support Services 
GO Business Services provides the following types of services as part of the Application Support and Maintenance service agreement. This service offers:
Application Support Services
  • Support – Business Hours Support (Core business hours are 8.00 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays) Western Australian standard time.
  • Online, Skype, Phone and on location assistance, as per client agreement.
  • Extended Support, non business hours 24 x 7 support service, as per client agreement.
  • Application development.
  • Source code management and maintenance/housekeeping.
  • Archiving, data warehousing and recovery.
Migration Architecture and Transition Strategy
Go Business Services Data Migration Architects are experienced consultants, with the skills and  abilities required to migrate data from ERP and disparate data sources. Their role is to plan and coordinate technical activities and system architectural component development throughout the project lifecycle by working closely with the project management, stakeholders and users as well as the Design and Implementation team.
Our Architects will survey and analyse the business and technical information, conceptualise the viable solutions and apply the GO Enterprise Suite features to obtain the best solution.

GO Business Services can provide Migration Architect resources.
Migration Architecture and Transition Strategy
Migration Developers
​ ​Go Services's Migration Developers have a broad set of development and integration skills. These developers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the data structures of GO Enterprise and other ERP databases (like Oracle). Their primary task is to build an automated data transfer facility between the existing ERP databases (like Oracle) and the new GO Enterprise databases. The facility reports information about the number of records converted and transferred across in each area of operation together with financial reconciliations showing monetary values taken up and transferred across. These reports are maintained and held for auditing purposes.


GO Business Services can provide  Migration Developers with the following skills:
  • Developers, with skills and experience in developing and supporting systems in the appropriate technologies.
  • Technical Writers, with experience in technical and end user documentation.
  • Graphic Designers, with User Interface design and development skills.
  • Software product specialists and system testers.
Project Managers  
GO Business Services is able to provide experienced and proven Project Managers capable of planning, overseeing, managing and co-ordinating the deployment and commissioning of the GO Enterprise Suite and related software products.
Our Project Mangers are dedicated to providing valuable business and technology consulting expertise - from the start to the completion of your project, covering the strategic planning phases through to evaluation and implementation of the Enterprise Suite and other IT solutions surrounding the system.
GO Business Services has provided services of this nature since 1983 (formerly known as Atlas Software P/L) in the market place with clients from both the public and private sectors. Our knowledgeable team of service professionals has facilitated the implementation of multiple enterprise level technology solutions and are committed to achieving timelines and strategic milestones at each stage of the process. It is this industry expertise which enables GO Business Services to deliver the right people at the right time, with the right skills sets to suit your organisational requirements.
Project Managers
Training and Education
​ ​Our Training Managers are responsible for coordinating and tailoring our Training and Education services to our clients' requirements. As experienced presenters and facilitators, the GO Services training team are skilled in both the technical and interpersonal aspects of software system education. Their job is to ensure that new users have both the technical knowledge and practical understanding of the GO Enterprise product to be able to successfully transition to using the new system as per the training guidelines
Services  There are 3 levels of training:
  1. During User Acceptance Testing
  2. During Commissioning of the system
  3. Post-installation training for new starters
Training can be provided in any combination of the following formats:
  • Onsite – person to person
  • Onsite – class instruction
  • Online – training videos and Webinars
  • In Built training prompts within the application
  • Phone / Skype Conference Training

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