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Why GO Business?

Why Go Business

Since 1983 we’ve been listening to our clients, learning what they didn’t like about traditional enterprise software ... and more importantly, understanding how they wanted it to perform and function. We asked ourselves the question, "How can we create a world class enterprise software suite that was truly more powerful, productive,  effective and efficient, and at the same time able to give our clients a return on their investment in time, money and resources?" The GO Enterprise Suite is our answer.


Do More With Less
We understand organisations want more performance, more results, more information in less time and using less resources than ever before.   Because the GO Enterprise Suite is architectured differently to traditional ERP Software, it delivers superior performance .  It is sophisticated and powerful underneath, while being simplified and streamlined at the user interface level. 
The GO Enterprise Suite was designed by experienced business & accounting people with real world business in mind and therefore, has in-built efficiency that translates across the entire system. All functions from complex accounting to simple day to day operations are handled with a minimum of keystrokes and click throughs.  This means you do a lot less work and get far more results all in a highly secure environment.​
We decided to think outside the box and start with the end in mind. What do real users, in real world business really want?
  • They want information at their finger tips, not 4, 5 or more clicks away,
  • They want team members who embrace the software because they can do their jobs quicker, easier and be more informed
  • They want an efficient, streamlined way to take up data—no matter how much there is.
  • They want to enter information once and then find it whenever they need it, wherever they need it—all in real time
  • They want ultimate control of access to information via advanced security that can be set , even down to which line people can and can’t see.
  • They want a system that is able to handle their business in its current size and flexible and powerful enough to scale with them as they grow, no matter how big they get - and yet, not have to keep paying for add-ons, extra modules and modifications ad infinitum.
  • They want software that is able to adapt to their operating conditions. GO does this by being Multi-Company, Multi-Location, Multi-User, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual, 1 to 1000’s of users, highly configurable and is available in a choice of deployments to suit each organisations' circumstances.
  • They want this and a lot more and GO delivers​.








In today’s fast moving world, software needs to speed you up, not slow you down and businesses need all the competitive advantages they can get.   
Because time is money,  we made sure our software is faster because in business you don’t have time to wait for sales to process, invoices to print and staff to find important information….. and more importantly, neither do your clients.  As an example we were told that with some software it takes 5 minutes or more to print a document and 270 pages to describe one function … we think this is unacceptable.  
The GO Enterprise Suite is both architecturally and operationally fast and is therefore:
  • Quicker to implement with easy spread sheet like data take up forms.
  • Quicker to train with the easy to learn “One Form” concept and in-built help, FAQs and support. 
  • Quicker to use with fewer clicks, fewer forms and data at your fingertips.
  • Quicker to find information because the system is fully integrated, providing data which can be accessed in multiple ways from multiple locations.
  • Quicker end of period processing with all statements, journalisations and end of period roll-overs managed live with the system in full use, saving your organisation precious time
  • GO speeds up your organisation’s performance and productivity across many areas, from processing to printing, entering data to finding it, reporting to financials, it's fast.
To meet the challenges we set for the software, we understood a paradigm shift in  both approach and programming was required.  The end result is software that is more powerful, elegant, ergonomic, and effective than many other enterprise products in the market today.  
The GO Enterprise Suite is built around the concept of “One Form”.   As opposed to traditional software that has one form for only one or a few functions,  GO has one form for each of the key processes from where  users can then access a wide range  of functions, facilities, tracking, related documents and correspondence  either directly from the “One Form” or just one click away.  Not only is each form data and function rich, but each form is also capable of handling numerous scenarios.  This leads directly to operational speed and efficiency. 
Imagine a sales team that can access from a single form the sales history, credit levels, account information, purchasing details for their customers and at the same time, have access to product stock levels, product locations, stock histories, supplier information.  Simultaneously, just one click away is all the customer correspondence, emails, documents, quotations and attachments, not only from that sales person, but from other team members as well.  And then … the one invoice form can be easily used for all sales  scenarios such as sales of stock lines, non stock, services, outsourced items, ad-hoc sales and /or any combination thereof.​











Software That Keeps Both Management and End Users Happy

Traditionally, powerful accounting software has been cumbersome and less than user friendly.  Conversely, many programs that are user friendly have left management and financial departments with more work to produce the reports and achieve the compliance required.  Now you can have it all.
Systems to Power Your Business:
With advanced  user defined reporting, a general systems based General Ledger, unlimited capacity, real time data,  hyper-integration, ability to integrate with other software, control of and access to all  user, customer and supplier communications plus so much more , organisations are now free to reach their full potential and not be restricted by software constraints.
To further support organisations, the GO Enterprise Suite is Multi-Company, Multi-Location, Multi-User, Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual, 1 to 1000’s of users, highly configurable and is available  in a choice of deployments to suit each organisations circumstances.
Tools to Empower Your Team: 
With your team no longer frustrated by software limitations, they will be free to perform at their optimum .  Add in personalisation capabilities, real time critical data at their finger tips, quick forms, speed and ease of use, superior help and learning functions,  plus advanced sales, procurement, tendering and quoting tools, superior document management and so much more, your team will be more efficient and effective than ever before.


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