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GO Business Module - Sales

The ability to quickly and easily generate Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Receipts and Credits as well as accurately answer customer enquiries with both real time and historical data from a single form is what differentiates GO Sales and provides organisations with a competitive advantage.  
The GO Business Sales process provides your sales team with these critical functions, complete with access to all of the relevant “real time” data, and much more.
Quotes become Sales Orders, which are Invoiced, against which monies are received and Credits are raised.  Sales of goods which are out of stock are placed on back order, until the items are received, processed and allocated to the customer ready for shipping. 
Statements are produced monthly, whilst the system continues to run “live”, removing the need for any interruption to other GO users and ensuring continuity of operation across the system.
With “hot links” to transaction forms, all the data you require to trace a client’s activity and answer inquiries on individual accounts, is available quickly, easily and simply.

Highlighted Features

  • Fast, efficient creation and generation of Sales Orders and Invoices from entry screen to hard copy printing, email confirmation to linked documentation via a single form.
  • Sales Order form includes various sub-form facilities featuring Sales Order Lines, Discrete Unit Sales, Deposits, Addresses, Requirements, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Available From, Transfers, Emails and Documents, , delivering enhanced, detailed sales information with a single click.
  • Freeform quotes function offers user defined freeform quoting. These forms are enabled for automatic data insertion drawing information directly from system generated sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, jobs and projects.
  • Credit limits able to be aggregated across parent and subsidiary companies so the system can manage credit limits and check available credit at sales order level.
  • Integrated Credit Control facility providing clear records and reports for accurate Credit Control.
  • Seamless Statement Generation occurring “live” with no down time.
  • Detailed Sales Reporting providing vital sales analysis data across a wide.

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