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GO Business Module - Purchasing

The Purchasing Process offers users a powerful and robust purchasing engine, capable of handling the key business function of stock, non stock and services procurement.
With the user friendly, single form purchase order facility, users are able to quickly and easily create and issue purchase orders for the supply of complete products, spare and replacement parts and specialised services.  Complete with automated numbering, integrated document and email functions, purchase orders for customer sales orders, stock replenishment or for components of manufactured goods can be sent at the click of a button.
From purchase requisitions, quotations, order placement, shipment tracking, order expediting, goods inwards, back order processing, goods allocation and warehousing, the GO Purchasing process provides a compact, consolidated acquisitions tool.

Highlighted Features 

  • Integrated foreign currency and foreign exchange calculators to handle price variations.
  • In built On Costs calculator capable of allocating additional costs to items on a value or weight/volume basis and at a line by line level.
  • Purchase orders automatically linked with relevant customer sales orders, items, jobs/projects and suppliers.
  • Specialised shipment tracking and expediting facilities to ensure you are kept informed about the progress of product orders
  • Consignment and spare part management system
  • Consolidated document, email and message management integrated with purchasing across key system data areas.

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