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GO Business offers a range of proven business and financial management software products, designed for many types of organisations in both the private and public sectors. All applications are extremely practical with many in-built features that foster greater performance and productivity.
Today’s business environment demands that organisations have software systems which can efficiently handle all day to day frontline transactions and functions and, at the same time, have powerful facilities to support the long term, strategic vision and measurable goals of management.
GO Business products include:
  • GO Enterprise Suite
The GO Enterprise Suite comes complete with 6 fully integrated modules plus many extra functions and features. The core modules of GO Business, GO General Ledger, GO Reporting, GO Contact, GO Administration and GO Start Up incorporate all of the front end business processes you'd expect as well as a multitude of powerful backend systems to handle your Accounting, Reporting and Administrative needs. GO Enterprise software is fully integrated, multi-company, multi-location, multi-user, multi-currency, multi-lingual, fully virtualised, hardware independent and highly scalable from 1 to 1000’s of users. Security is of the highest standard.
  • GO General Ledger
GO General Ledger is the accounting and financial management hub covering the full spectrum of accounting functions according to Double Entry Book Keeping standard specifications. This also includes a powerful and fully integrated reporting function with template, graphic, data rich and user defined reporting. Combined with streamlined and sophisticated end of period, statement, journalising and  roll over processing, all functions are handled live, with no need to move users from the system. Security is of the highest standard.
  • GO Point of Sale
This is a comprehensive PoS system for retail outlets. Facilities include bar code scanning, product picture display, keyboard and touch screen entry, docket printing, Lay-by processing, gift & reward voucher processing, till shift summaries and reconciliation, sales person reporting, special order processing and customer specific sales and marketing tools.
  • GO Ticketing
This is a transportation booking system and contains a user friendly ticketing, timetabling, scheduling and receipting facility designed to manage a complex range of functions associated with travel and other ticketed events. It provides a flexible network overlay for the co-ordination and allocation of resources such as vehicles/vessels and locations incorporating multiple journey legs, attendee/passenger manifest, individual customer requirements and itineraries and much more. This can also be available for use with tablet and touch screen devices.
  • GO Time Billing
This is used for Services-based organisations (eg. consultants, contractors and staff) to enter timesheets and allocate labour expenses to specific projects, jobs and/or clients.
  • GO Interface, Integration and Customised Applications
We appreciate that every organisation is unique and may have special interface integration and customisation requirements to suit their individual circumstances. Our team of talented and experienced GO analysts and developers have successfully provided our clients with tailored software solutions and product interface enabilisation, across many industries for almost 3 decades.

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