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My Go

GO Business Module - My GO

MY GO provides a broad range of user specific, customising, tracking and communication features with powerful benefits for owners, management and individual GO users alike.

The key facilities of Activity Logging, integrated Email, Messaging and Document Management provide a consolidated, single point of reference for all user activity within the system. For example, if a team member is unavailable, on holiday or leaves the organisation, all of the related “user specific” data and communications are already recorded, saved and accessible within the GO system. This ensures that no valuable data is lost, workflow continuity is maintained within the team and delivers a superior operational and security tool to management.

The personalisation features within MY GO allows individual users to customise and maintain their own personal “space” within the system. This unique facility provides each GO user with the means to record and store their user information and profile,  create and maintain contacts, notes, appointments , documents and email communications as well as customise their screen settings to reflect their personal preferences.




Highlighted Features 
  • Activity logging feature provides a full system wide record of all individual user activity within GO detailing information access, edits, deletions and actions and supplies the ultimate tool for user activity auditing.
  • Key information about events and communications can be retained indefinitely.
  • Contact lists are fully integrated with email, including Customer, Supplier and Employee Contact records, and are stored within your GO database. “Nothing leaves the building”
  • All documents are stored within your GO database and linked to whichever data-entities required, including Products, Customers, Suppliers and Transactions. For example, an email will be stored only once but can be accessed via the sender, associated purchase order, sales order, invoice etc.
  • My GO offers individual users with the facility to create, view and maintain their own profile information, including current address, electronic and email signatures, web / bio descriptions and photograph and create password changes.

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