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GO Business Module - Inventory

The Inventory Process manages the all-important classification, maintenance, supply and distribution of a company’s products, parts and manufactured goods to support their sales functions. 
With GO Business’s sophisticated, yet easy to use inventory management system, all of the key item and related data information is stored and readily available in the Master Item and Item Forms. 
Before goods can be sold and invoiced to customers, they must first be catalogued, processed, received into stock, stored, picked, packed and dispatched.
Finding the right item amongst the thousands that may be in the database is made easy with the Inventory management facilities’ powerful search options, store and shelf locations and GO’s powerful cataloguing facilities. The optional 'NATO' based cataloguing system provides for standard descriptions across items in each Group and Class, with the additional ability to set attributes and attribute values for each item.
Stocktake, stock adjustment and inventory recalculations are all available within the streamlined stocktake options facility, to ensure your inventory data is accurate and reliable in real time.
This is a true power-house module with many, many features designed to  make an organisations inventory and supply chain management processes function at their most optimum levels.   See the highlights for a list of just some of these features.

Highlighted Features
  • Fully integrated single form Item Master for all the information your team members need at their finger tips, to drive fast front end sales, precision purchasing and supply chain management, superior stores administration and accurate, up to the minute inventory reporting and financial data.
  • Item Master Form also includes numerous sub-forms featuring Locations, Preferred Suppliers, Notes, Off Cuts, Components, Used In Alternatives/For, GL Accounts, Invoices, Periods, Web Settings, Other Groups, On-Costs Descriptions & Documents …. All delivering enhanced, detailed item information with a single click.
  • Reconciliation Services facility available for full system wide inventory auditing to verify the veracity of stock on hand figures with up to the minute accuracy.
  • At the Item level, the Audit Trail facility tracks all of the movements of that item within the system and provides a single historical report of all item transactions.
  • Multi location inventory system contains auto transfers for goods, so items sold from one location and can be dispatched from another, quickly and easily
  • Stock Transfers facilitated via the dedicated Transfers function, select from either a Quick Transfer or an All-in-One Transfer Form to handle requisitions, in and out.
  • Discrete Item Unit processing for tracking the aquisition, sales and servicing of physical assets such as machines, plant and equipment.
  • Off Cuts, product remnants, damaged and unique items within batches are recorded and managed via the Item Units sub-form, enabling enhanced stock control and inventory accuracy.
  • Relevant or mandatory product documentation, certification or guarantees able to be scanned and automatically linked, attached, printed and sent with products. Heat certs, specs drawings attach to deliveries and despatches.

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