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Go General Ledger
As the financial nerve centre of your organisation, the GO General Ledger provides a hyper- integrated, highly automated financial processing facility.  Offering powerful tools for effective management control and accurate “live” financial data, everything required to complete a function is on a single form and no process is more than a couple of clicks away.
Access to the GO General Ledger is security permission protected with company ID, username and password, and access is only available to authorised users within the system.
As a type of accounting system, GO General Ledger is considered a “generalised system” which can be applied to satisfy any company’s accounting requirements. Comprising of accounts, journals and reports the GO GL is user defined in many of its functions, offering the ultimate in flexibility.
Working seamlessly with the other GO Enterprise applications, GO General Ledger delivers a “one stop” financial solution to improve your bottom line and fulfil your financial requirements whether they be ………  processing, planning, analysis, compliance, reporting or results.
GL Accounts  GL Accounts
Everything required to set-up and maintain your organisation’s unique General Ledger Accounts is available in this process. GO GL Accounts provides you with a streamlined system for establishing and accessing the chart of accounts, including account code, type, description and the ability to simultaneously view actuals, budgets and forecasts for the current and past 2 years.​
GL Transactions Transactions
The GO Transactions process ensures that all of your financial dealings (including invoices, receipts, payments, credits and other fiscal transactions) are captured and able to make their way into your organisation’s GL Accounts.
GL Journals Journals
The user-friendly GO Journal Generation process allows all of the relevant accounting information to be quickly and efficiently transmitted from GO Business into the GO General Ledger. This process enables the selection of the type of transactions that are to be journalised.
GL Bank Reconciliation ​​Bank Reconciliation
All of the tools for reconciling statements received from banks with the corresponding bank accounts in the GO GL, are provided within the Bank Reconciliation process. 
Offering easy identification and matching of transactions and clear step by step reconciliation to ensure accuracy.
GL Cash Flow Cash Flow
For analysis and planning purposes, the Cash Flow process provides a complete listing of all transactions in the GO Business system to demonstrate the flow of funds within your organisation.  Capable of grouping and summarizing transactions by week or other time periods, it also allows for the inclusion of additional provisions.
GL Budgets ​​Budgets
A powerful tool for setting and generating budgets, the Budgets and Forecasting Process enables Users to reset Budgets, Forecasts and Actual Figures for prior, current and future years analysis.
GL Reporting Reporting
Reporting is a key feature of the GO General Ledger module and includes a wide variety of predefined reports as well as an easy to use, highly flexible user defined reporting facility. Standard accounting reports are found under Quick Reports (CoA, P&L, Trial Balance, etc) Whilst the User Defined Reports facility provides the ultimate in reporting flexibility and practicality, where virtually any combination of current and previous information can be compiled and compared.
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Included in the GO General Ledger are extras such as  Consolidated Enterprise Management capabilities, Advanced Security Settings, Activity Logging across all users, superior Find and in-built  Help & Support functions. Features that make GO GL  Smarter, Quicker and Different.

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Go General Ledger

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