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The GO Enterprise Suite Cloud Option is ideal for companies which prefer their people focus all of their energies on what they do best; running their businesses, not their IT Departments. Suitable for companies  focussed on rapid growth, who  want the freedom and flexibility to expand and upscale operations as they go. So, when the time comes to draw upon greater IT capabilities, it’s there, instantly, as and when needed.
  • Eliminates the need for client companies to own, operate and maintain their own back-office infrastructure (hardware, operating systems and business software,)
  • Client control over how they operate their company
  • Advanced data security and protection
  • Continuity of operation, 24/7, worldwide

Simple Fee Structure

For a ‘per user, per day’ access fee, the GO Enterprise Suite Cloud Option offers a very simple method to evaluate its viability, suitability and obvious benefits. Fees are negotiated on the number of features required and are pre-paid on either a quarterly or annual basis. Implementing this edition requires:

  • Training and familiarisation with GO Enterprise Suite features and operations,
  • Take-up of base information, such as customer, product, supplier and accounting master file data.
  • Entry of opening balances and outstanding transactions, such as invoices, purchase orders and job




The Cloud Option eliminates the need to ... 
  • Acquire, setup, operate and maintain hardware (servers, operating systems etc.)
  • Install users
  • Sign, maintain and renew licence agreements
  • Install and upgrade the GO Enterprise Suite software
  • Install, configure and maintain the SQL databases for training, production and archive
  • Perform backup and recovery operations of databases
  • Setup security perform countless other ongoing hardware compliance processes
As demonstrated, the GO Enterprise Suite Cloud Option can save companies all of the setup and operational costs associated with establishing and maintaining “in house” computer server hardware and enables companies to focus on what is most important; their customers, not their IT Departments.
GO Cloud Infrastructure
GO Business Cloud Infrastrusture

GO Business Cloud Architecture

The GO Business Cloud is a high performance, very secure and highly reliable state-of-the-art facility, which can only be accessed by registered GO Business Cloud clients.

To maximise the integrity, reliability, availability and security of client information, one of the primary features of the GO Business  Cloud  is its level of ‘redundancy’. Used in this context, ‘redundancy’ is a very positive term where the more of it there is, the better it is. The GO Business Cloud has many layers of ‘redundancy’, including:

  • Hardware Layer
    • All servers are organised into ‘clusters’ where each physical server is in real-time constantly ‘backed up’ and ‘mirrored’ by at least one other physical server.
    • All disk drives are in ‘arrays’ where any drive can fail and automatically be replaced by the system without disrupting the continued operation of the system
    • All network devices are duplicated, where any single drop out of an internet connection is immediately switched to the backup unit.
    • All power sources are backed up by two or more other sources; duplicate power supplies are backed up by battery backups which are further backed up by dedicated heavy duty diesel powered generators.
  • Operating Software Layer
    • All operating systems are duplicated, where every virtual server is mirrored to alternate virtual servers.
  • Database Layer
    • All databases are clustered and are duplicated (mirrored) in real time, both locally and across equipment at two (or more) data-centres.
    • Each client’s data is stored inside dedicated, completely separate SQL databases. No two clients share the same physical or logical SQL database. There is no possibility of cross linking of different clients’ databases or of any accidental or deliberate exposure of one client’s data with another’s.
    • All sensitive data (credit card, customer accounts etc.) is encrypted using powerful encryption algorithms unique to the GO Business Cloud.
    • All databases are themselves protected by secret username and passwords known only to a few authorised personnel within GO Business. No information is stored unencrypted in any folder thus making it very difficult for hackers to break into and view, let alone copy data from the GO Business Cloud.
    • All infrastructure and equipment used by GO Business is owned by GO Business and is dedicated to serving the needs of the GO Business Users exclusively.
  • Application Layer
    • All GO Applications are installed in, at least, two separate servers for each client.
    • Each time a user accesses any GO Enterprise Suite Module they are provided with a fresh copy of the software; every time.
    • No two users running any particular GO Enterprise Suite Module use the same image of any software. This protects all users from the activities of one user to another.
    • Updates and upgrades can be carried out ‘live’ while users continue to operate. This means that even when new versions of software are installed, users are never called to ‘log-out’ for system maintenance
  • Backup Layer
    • All software and data is backed up both locally and remotely.
    • End-Users (Administrators) can take their own offline backups.
    • Backups are dynamic and are done in real time, while databases are in use. Users are not required to log-off during backups.

  • Physical Locations Layer
    • GO Business Cloud operates from at least two sepatate, highly secure, location separate, high performance data centres that are not in close physical proximity.
    • Should one data centre experience a catastrophic failure, there is at least one other complete data centre live at all times, ready to take over

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