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This is the key front end engine application which manages the day to day “business of your business”. Packed with dynamic and specialised data processing facilities, GO Business provides your organisation with the systems to power your business, and the tools to empower your team.
Including key functional areas such as Sales, Customers -Debtors, Contract-Project-Job Costing, Purchasing, Inventory, Suppliers-Creditors, Supply Chain Management and General Ledger interface. It is a fully integrated business management module which ensures that all of the real time information you require to run your organisation, and the relevant printed documents are available to you and your team quickly, easily and seamlessly.

Purchasing Purchasing
The Purchasing Process offers users a powerful and robust purchasing engine, capable of handling the key business function of stock, non stock and services procurement.​
Inventory Inventory
The Inventory Process manages the all-important classification, maintenance, supply and distribution of a company’s products, parts and manufactured goods to support their sales and service functions.
Sales Sales
The ability to quickly and easily generate Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Receipts and Credits as well as accurately answer customer enquiries with both real time and historical data from a single form is what differentiates GO Sales and provides organisations with a competitive advantage.
Contracts ​​Contracts, Projects & Jobs
Designed for organisations that also require specific facilities for the more complex, multi-faceted types of sales which includes the supply of materials, the supply of labour, the supply of services or a combination of all three. Including engineering, fabrication, machining and processing requirements.
Debtors ​ Debtors
All of the facilities required to manage your organisation’s important Debtors / Customers contact and financial transactional data, both real time and historical, are provided in the Debtors process, making it an invaluable Customer management tool.
Creditors  ​​Creditors
All of the key contact information, catalogue items, transactional and financial data required is easily viewed, managed and maintained, within the Creditors facility.
General Ledger General Ledger
The GO Business General Ledger process provides users with a quick and flexible link to access GL Account Codes, view generated journals and the ability to drill down from Journals to the Transaction level. Combined with a selection of easy to use standard Transaction reports, it offers quick reporting for up to the minute trading data. 
My Go ​​My GO
My GO provides a broad range of user specific, customising, tracking and communication features with powerful benefits for owners, management and individuals. The key facilities of Activity Logging, integrated Email, Messaging & Document Management provide a consolidated, single point of reference for all user activity within the system.


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