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GL Transactions

GO General Ledger Module 
The GO Transactions process ensures that all of your financial dealings (including invoices, adjustment notes, receipts, payments, credits and other fiscal transactions) are captured and able to make their way into your organisation’s GL Accounts.
All transactions generated within the GO Enterprise, Ticketing or Point of Sale Systems are journalised into the GO General Ledger to effectively “lock in” the transactions to protect against deletions or editing of the transactional data. Whichever source transactions lead to the creating of the journal are linked to that journal and are able to be viewed via the GL Account-Journal – Transactions Audit Report facility.
Highlighted Features
  • Provides auditors access to linked transactions to verify that the journals linked to those transactions are real and accurate.
  • The system wide Reconciliation Services Facility can verify that all transactions in GO Enterprise add up against the journals, based on those transactions, within the General Ledger
  • The system wide Reconciliation Services Facility highlights any journals which may be out of sync and these are flagged for re-generation by the system
  • GO Security access allocation allows for 'high level security authorised' personnel to alter transactions which appear in journals under certain circumstances, triggering a regeneration of the journal.
  • Audit Trail Reporting in the GO General Ledger shows only summary transaction details however, within the GO Enterprise system the same drill down enquiry allows the whole transaction to be viewed in full line by line detail, offering unprecedented audit compliance facilities.

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