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GO General Ledger Module
The Reporting process is a key feature of the GO General Ledger module as its powerful and flexible report writing facility offers users an almost unlimited array of report options, including a variety of predefined reports as well as the easy to use, User Defined Reporting facility.
Standard accounting reports are found under Quick Reports (CoA, P&L, Trial Balance, etc), where, depending on the type of report selected, users can choose the type of data to display, the year and the period to report on.
Whilst the User Defined Reports facility provides the ultimate in reporting flexibility and practicality, enabling users to design, create and template their own customised reports where virtually any combination of current and previous information can be compiled and compared.
The Reporting Formats facility enables users to select and create report layouts from 30 different styles and numerous format definitions. Here users choose the data to display in each report column and also create custom headings both the columns and the report.
The Reporting Field Definition facility enables users to select specific pre-defined data fields and / or compose their own formulas and expressions for each line within a report. These user defined reports can be saved, titled and templated for future ongoing use.
Highlighted Features 
  • Financial Reports can be completely user defined using the GO GL’s report writer design tool offering flexible, global reporting where any report item is able to be linked to any other item.
  • Integrated graphic charts and graphs providing instant visual reports generated by clicking directly on the data to be displayed, with no external data extraction required.
  • Reports are enabled for large number fields to be displayed.
  • Decimal Place Amounts for Columns and Percentage Lines are able to be set via a pull down list allowing users to specify the number of decimal places to be displayed ranging from 0 to 4. This enables the operator to display more significant digits when dealing with currencies with a large number of zeros or high ratios.
  • Able to re-Summarise and re-accumulate all data in a selected report.
  • The Consolidate Results feature permits companies to be linked to their parent company or to one or more enterprises, delivering consolidated and comparative reporting across an enterprise easily and automatically. Reports available in graphic display also.
  • Within the Consolidate Results feature, users can also elect to print individual enterprise entity reports separately.

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