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GL Transactions

GO General Ledger Module 
The user-friendly GO Journal Generation process allows all of the relevant accounting information to be quickly and efficiently transmitted from GO Business into the GO General Ledger, as well as providing a number of transaction / journal drilldown and auto checking functions to ensure accuracy of data.
The Journal process enables the selection of the type of transactions that are to be journalised and offers users the ability to accurately and easily enter and review journals, select journals for posting, post and reverse journals, re-generate or delete journals, set up recurring and system generated journals, auto reversing journals and journal transfers.
As in all other parts of the GO General Ledger, the Journal process is built on the principle of “what can be done in GO Business, can be undone and re-done”, providing a streamlined and flexible approach to this important accounting function.
Highlighted Features
  • Immediate Journal Posting with inbuilt journal checking feature which disallows/disables journal posting when all system checking conditions are not met.
  • Journalisation can be scheduled to begin at particular, pre-set times, if desired.
  • Recurring Journals are able to be created as templates for generating normal general ledger journals for entries which re-occur on a periodical basis.
  • GL – Journal – Transaction Audit Report which joins the journal line amount in each Journal to their respective source transactions, to assist with data accuracy, tracking and audit reporting.
  • Auto Reversing Journals are used to automatically reverse out accrual journals. This is done by automatically generating 2 journals, the first to be posted in the current period and the second for the reverse amounts (that will negate the first), to be posted in the following period.
  • Capability to generate, regenerate, delete and reverse data via the GO GL “undo feature” quickly and simply within the system.

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