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General Ledger
GO Business Module - General Ledger Application

Although GO General Ledger is a separate, powerful stand-alone application, the GO Business General Ledger process provides users with a quick and flexible link to GL Account Codes, a convenient way to view generated Journals within the system and the functionality to drill down from Journals to the Transaction level. By providing this “overlapping” General Ledger view point, the GO Business GL process delivers fast access to detailed transactional data for enhanced accounting information.
Combined with an easy to use selection of standard Transaction reports, this process offers quick transactional reporting for up to the minute trading data.
Highlighted Features
  • The GL Accounts Form lists the General Ledger Account Codes used by GO Business, giving quick access to these accounts, which can be created here but are usually maintained through the GO General Ledger module.
  • The Journal Enquiry facility displays existing generated Journals where each Journal Line can be interrogated to view the transaction lines to which it relates, allowing integrated Journal to Transaction drill down.
  • Selected Journals can be printed via the Journal Printing facility and the miscellaneous reporting function enables reports on Journalised Transactions, including Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold, Work in Progress /Cost of Goods Sold by Period and Finished Goods by period, for quick, easy reporting.


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