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The GO Enterprise Suite is able to satisfy the most demanding, complex and varied requirements of organisations. Being both powerful and flexlible, you can start small and grow into it, or start large and just grow bigger. The GO Enterprise Suite is fully integrated, multi-company, multi-location, multi-user, multi-currency, multi-lingual, fully virtualised, hardware independent and highly scalable from 1 to 1000’s of users. Security is of the highest standard.
Engineered to keep complex accounting functions and powerful internal processing behind the scenes, it leaves end users with a seamless and integrated experience. Data is entered once and is available from multiple points across the entire suite. Your organisation is then simultaneously provided with real time data that is only one or two clicks away. It’s easy to use functions simplify the most complex business tasks, freeing your time and allowing you to focus on what's important in your organisation. The GO Enterprise Suite comes complete with 6 fully synergistic modules plus many extra functions and features that make GO Business software  Smarter, Quicker and Different.
GO Startup GO Start Up                                           
Guides new users step by step through all the process required to implement the software. Provides easy to use “cut-and-paste” facilities to take up initial data. Uses “spread sheet” like forms that show both data and relational errors. Data can be quickly and conveniently transferred from manual and legacy systems by end users themselves, without the need for expensive technical assistance.
GO Admin GO Administration                              
Provides the options for setting up of new organisations, new locations, new users, security access and settings and the unique GO Reconcilation Services facility.  This enables end users to quickly detect and pin point any potential issues within their databases and easily analyse, investigate and determine the causes. Complete with security protected self-heal capacity.
GO General Ledger  GO General Ledger                                          ​ ​GO General Ledger
This is the accounting and financial management hub covering the full spectrum of accounting functions to Australian standard specifications. This also includes a powerful and fully integrated reporting function with both template and user defined reporting.
The use of the General Ledger Module is optional but comes included with the Enterprise Suite. The General Ledger is, however, available as stand alone module which can be purchased separately.
GO Business GO Business                          GO Business
As the operational power-house of the GO Enterprise Suite, the GO Business module contains all of the processes required to run your organisation on a day to day basis. Recognised for its front end usability, flexibility and simplicity, this module comes with all the expected industry standard facilities plus many unique features. Real time data and historical information is all only a click or two away and GO’s unique “one form” philosophy means that what can take hours with other software, often takes only minutes with GO.
GO Reporting GO Reporting                                    

A powerful, flexible and easy to use reporting facility which delivers up to the minute and historical  analysis and reports across your transactional, financial, product and target driven data. Fully User Defined with simple click, drag-n-drop-report writer ir provides all of the data rich and graphic reports you need, making it an invaluable management tool.

GO Contacts GO Contact                                        
This is a comprehensive contact management facility which fully integrates across all GO modules. It includes the ability to link and record all communications, conversations and customer contacts. It provides an endless variety of user defined groupings and classifications for targeted and tailored sales and marketing campaigns.
GO Business Extras GO Business Extras                                      ​​extras.png
Included in the GO Enterprise suite are extra’s such as “My GO”, Toolbox plus superior Find and Help /Training functions.  Click here to find out more about these powerful support features that make GO Smarter, Quicker and Different.


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