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 The GO Administration module provides End -Users with a wide selection of powerful system configuration options and acts as the administrative hub for all GO ERP applications. Designed as a time and labour saving “one stop” facility, it allows authorised users to systematically establish and set top end system settings.
Tabs enable users to set up new companies, new locations, User defined Fields, document default and logo settings, hard copy terms, new Users, individual and role based security access settings, currencies, system controls, integrated email and messaging and much more.
In addition to its extensive front end establishment functions, GO Administration also possesses a number of powerful tracking, auditing and system check facilities.
The Activity Logging facility enables all activity within the GO Business System to be logged and reviewed for operational and security purposes. User activity is logged for information access, changes and deletions, data entry, screen viewing and movement within the application right down to the transaction line level. This allows for easy identification for “who-did-what-and when” and provides key information about system events, which can be retained indefinitely.
The Sub-System Health Check and Healing facility provides users with the ability to monitor the “health” and status of all major operational areas within the system including, Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Work-in Progress – Jobs and other controls such as GL Bank Account Reconciliations. By using this facility, users can quickly detect potential and /or actual anomalies and errors within their databases and, most importantly, pin-point and analyse their cause. Once identified, users can also quickly and conveniently “repair” data and reconcile anomalies via a system “healing” function.


Key Functions available within GO Administration include:
  • Company Controls
  • Security Settings
  • Currencies
  • System Controls
  • Application Management
  • Archiving
  • Tools
  • Office Applications
  • Email Services and Messaging
  • Sub-System Health Checks and Healing
  • Database Back-Up



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