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​GO Business Module - Creditors/Suppliers For any inventory driven, product and service based organisation, the Creditors/Supplier process forms an integral and invaluable part of your business. All of the key contact information, catalogue items, transactional and financial data required is easily viewed, managed and maintained, within the Creditors facility. Standard Creditors/Supplier account data including names, addresses, contact details, payment information, supplier type, aged account balances and statements are fully integrated and enabled for user security access protection. Requests for Quotations, Order placement, goods inwards, invoice and credit processing, payment generation, cheque printing, EFT and cost reporting are some of the many functions available. A specialised shipment tracking and expediting facility ensures that you can monitor and track the progress of important product orders. ​Highighted Features Automatic updating of supplier price lists, take up of new item data complete with codes, descriptions, prices and deletion of old products not on new supplier list. Able to update new prices on a certain date. Procurement manager facility, processes RFQs and quotes received, evaluates and sorts responses by items pricing and provides a procurement forecasting tool. Able to generate and print internal user generated invoices for both stock and service/utility suppliers, in the absence of an invoice with delivery. Preferred Supplier allocation by item allows best supplier selection for re ordering across multiple suppliers of one item, sorted by price ascending. On Cost facility used to calculate an accurate total landed cost of an item and ensure that all on-costs are captured, recorded and accounted for. Creditor /Supplier contact information is shared across email facilities and integrated with relevant communication and document data storage.

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