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GO Business Module
Contracts, Projects and Jobs 

The Contracts, Projects and Jobs process is designed for organisations that also require specific facilities for the more complex, multi-faceted types of sales which include the supply of materials, the supply of labour, the supply of services or a combination of all three.
Providing a consolidated Contract, Project and Job management tool, which gives users up to the minute details, costing data and reports, this process allows users to maintain accurate and easily accessible records of costs and materials for each stage of ongoing fulfilment agreements.
Materials can come from stock, be ordered in specifically, customised as per requirements or a mix of all of these. Services and Labour can be supplied from internal or external sources, or both.
Contracts, Projects and Jobs can be fixed price, variable price or a combination of both.

Highighted Features
  • Internal and External Jobs available, including the facility to create Job templates for regular and recurring Jobs
  • Job Types facility enables jobs to be classified and grouped for enhanced management, reporting and analysis.
  • Create Jobs based on pre-defined Bills of Materials maintained in the Item Master file.  
  • Issue and Return facility to easily add or remove stock and non-stock items to a Job as it progresses. Ensures all components are recorded and accounted for on an ongoing basis.
  • Provides a specialised Manufactured Item Reorder Listing for stock and non-stock items across all customers and suppliers.
  • Timesheets, Time Clock and Timesheets Reporting functions for easy recording, assigning and management of all labour components attributable to a job or project.
  • Fixed, variable or combination billing enabling flexibility for invoicing during the Job. Includes proportional completions, part and full invoiced accounts.
  • Reporting is available as Job Status Reports, Project and Job Listings, Job Back Order Listings and user defined inquiries to provide real time progress reports and data analysis.

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