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The Company

A wealth of industry knowledge and experience ...

GO Business Australia Pty Ltd, is a fully Australian owned company.  The result of a successful joint venture between Atlas Software Pty Ltd and Connected Systems Pty Ltd, the company benefits from the combined experience of over 35 years of designing, developing and deploying business software. This proven track record makes GO Business one of Australia’s longest standing providers of specialist accounting, business management and tailored software solutions.

Awards With design and industry excellence awards including an Australian Design Award, Western Australian IT Award for Exporter of the Year and the Software Institute of Australia’s 4GL Grand Prix Award, GO Business has been recognised as a leader in software development.​

A client focused approach ...

More importantly, over the years, GO Business has been able to establish and maintain long term and mutually rewarding relationships, with clients using some of the GO suite of software products to run their businesses from 15 to 20 years plus and still counting. 
With client satisfaction and doing more with less as guiding principles, GO Business has been able to maintain a clear and steady focus on delivering software solutions which allow our clients to get on with the job of “building their businesses” and “running their organisations”  instead of worrying about the software and IT systems which are supposed to support them.

New expansion and growth ...

GO Business has recently embarked on a new phase of expansion and growth in the areas of product innovation and in leading edge infrastructure. As well as the consistent, ongoing development of our products with advanced features being added to the GO Enterprise Suite and the creation of the GO Business Cloud Option, GO Business has embarked on the path of international business development with a new                GO Business team launched the US and full language translations into Chinese and Thai for the Asian arena.

Specialised software and services which deliver ...

GO Business is able to combine state-of-the-art technology and proven, long standing expertise to provide a variety of application and implementation based solutions across a range of organisations.
From Inventory/Warehousing to Manufacturing,  Accounting to Investment Management, Time Billing to Job Costing, Engineering to Ticketing, Hospitality to Retailing, Education to Health and Government Organisations, GO Business  is now recognised as a leader in the field of  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business management software.  ​



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