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 Product Fundamentals

​ Product Fundamentals
All products offered by GO Business are designed and developed with a key foundation value of “Doing More with Less” making our software Smarter Quicker and Different.  Because of our commitment to always deliver products which demonstrate this value, you will find the following fundamental features across our product range.
  • Reliable and Robust Foundation:
    Designed by experienced business people, built strong and reliable, able to handle the most demanding business usage with the flexibility and capability to up-scale as your organisation grows.
  • Advanced Architecture:
    Our products are architected with ease of use, maximum integration and speed of delivery in mind, so the sophisticated and powerful backend translates into streamlined, user friendly front end products which perform.
  • Fast Processing and Printing:
    Because speed matters, and you don’t have time to waste waiting for transactions to process and documents to print… and neither do your clients.
  • Security:
    The protection and security of your valuable operational and trading data is paramount and because of this, all GO products provide specialised, in depth and powerful security features.
  • Configurability:
    Software and hardware solutions developed with the adaptability and flexibility to manage multiple configuration scenarios.
  • No Down Time:
    Stopping the system for end of period functions is a thing of the past. You can now process all journalisations, end of period roll-overs and statement runs live while the system is up and running and taking care of business.
  • Integration:
    Your vital business information should be readily available and easily accessible across your system, linked with related data / transactions / documentation / emails,  visible from many places and only a click away. With hyper integration, GO products provide this and more.
  • Unity:
    Go’s unique One Form technology provides a data and function rich single form structure so all of the information you need is delivered in one place, where you need it, when you need it.
  • Choice and Flexibility:
    GO products are flexible and offer many user defined selection features, because each organisation is different and “not one size fits all”. Choose from Quick, Standard or Data Rich Forms, Flexible Free Forms and multiple user defined reports.
  • Fast Experienced Support Services:
    When you choose GO products you know that you are backed by the strength of ongoing, long term, readily available support services, because when you need help it should be fast and efficient.
  • Talented Customisation Developers:
    We appreciate that every organisation is unique and may have special customisation requirements to suit their circumstances, so our team of talented and dedicated GO analysts and developers are on hand to provide the interface and tailored solutions you need.

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