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 GO Enterprise Suite On-Premise Options

​ Product Fundamentals

The implementation of a GO Enterprise Suite On-Premise option is ideal for companies that prefer to retain and maintain control of their own “in-house” server hardware infrastructure & software management systems. Available in 3 on-premise options:

Option 1: On-Premise with GO Managed Server
This option provides on-premise access to both the software and data. The GO Managed Server is delivered fully configured as a turn-key, vendor supplied hardware solution. It’s simply a matter of plugging-in the preconfigured, GO Managed Server with the GO Enterprise Suite pre-installed and you’re ready to GO. This option is ideal for organisations who want to maximise access and control over their IT investments.

Option 2: On-Premise with Client Hardware and Infrastructure (hardware specification compliance required)
This option provides for the GO Enterprise Suite to be installed onto client hardware and infrastructure. Minimum hardware and infrastructure conditions apply and suitability will depend upon capacity and age of hardware, security, technical specifications and in-house IT support.

Option 3: On-Premise Sovereign Source Code Option
The Sovereign Source Code Option is ideal for companies that want the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to maintain control over their IT infrastructure and business systems investments. For a once only negotiated payment, companies can invest in their own non-exclusive copy of the GO Enterprise Suite software source code. As part of the Sovereign Source Code Option, companies that further develop or customise their GO Enterprise Suite software are granted the legal right to change their non-exclusive copy of the source code to make it (the software) do whatever (functions) they want it to do for their company and are granted the right to use the intellectual property created by and for themselves.


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